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Dental Implant

Dental Implant procedures have become one of the most preferred dental treatments to replace missing teeth. It provides a functional and cosmetic long lasting solution to specific needs, as long as the patient is an adequate candidate and require them. Implants are small titanium cylinders treated and coated with substances that aid in the initial attraction of bone forming cells. They are surgically used to replace the roots of missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you have minor imperfections that you would like to correct or would like to completely makeover your smile, our dentists at Advanced Dental are here to help you reveal your radiance by creating the smile of your dreams.
Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses primarily on improving the aesthetics or appearance of a person’s teeth, gums, and lips.

Root Canal Treatment

- used in cases of severe tooth decay to repair and save a tooth.
Root Canal Therapy is necessary to prevent the formation of tooth abscesses. When a patient have a tooth abscess, will may experience some infected tooth symptoms as pus-filled pocket in the tooth that causes swelling and inflammation.

General Dentistry

Whether a problem or damage is due to age, injury, disease, or another concern, restorative dentistry addresses issues that have affected the form and/or function of a person’s teeth while restoring them to their natural health.
Restorative dentistry treatments can replace missing teeth, strengthen and protect natural teeth that have become compromised, address infection, and more.

Orthodontic Treatment in Panvel

Whether you have minor imperfections or severe misaligned teeth or jaw which is affecting your confidence to smile, our dentists at Advanced Dental are here to help you reveal your radiance by creating the smile of your dreams.

Orthodontic dental procedures help to straighten teeth and correct problems with the bite. These treatments are performed by an orthodontist, who is a specialist dentist and treat children, teenagers and adults.

Periodontal Treatment- Dental Clinic in Panvel

Our dentists specialize in treating periodontal disease (a bacterial infection of the gums). We approach the treatment of periodontal disease by addressing each case individually, recommending the appropriate treatments and therapies based on the patient’s medical history and how advanced the case is.

Gum Surgery are done that combats periodontal disease by removing dead and diseased gum tissues, sterilizing the treatment area

Paediatric Dental Clinic in Panvel

Dentistry for children is different from that for adults. A pediatric dentist is specifically designated to provide the skills needed to work with young patients. Our team of pediatric dentists will provide you with treatment that is tailored to your child’s needs and your budget. We provide multi-specialty dental care for infants, children, and teens beginning as young as age one, or when the first tooth erupts assuring a caring environment for your child's dental health.

Emergency Dental Service in Panvel

At Advanced Dental Clinic in Panvel, the team of experts is handling various dental problems & surgeries including dental implant, general dentistry, gum treatment, root canal, child & senior citizen dental issues etc.

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Doctor is highly skilled and very patient , he explained all the procedures and made sure throughout the process i was comfortable . I highly recommend Advanced Dental Clinic.

Satyajit S

Google User

I'm usually really nervous about going to the dentist but all the doctors here made me feel really comfortable about undergoing treatments. Would definitely recommend to anyone even slightly wary of dentists. Overall, from diagnosing and clearly explaining the problem to me, to treating it efficiently, I had a very pleasant experience here.

Shishir Singh

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I got my wisdom tooth removed , very well equipped clinic . The doctor explained the procedure and is very caring and concerned about how the patient feels during procedures.


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Dr. Siddhant is friendly, respectful, caring and courteous of your time. The clinic is run very smoothly and efficiently. No unnecessary tests or treatment were recommended. I got my tooth filling done without any pain or discomfort and am very happy with the experience!

Aanoosh Tandel

Dr Siddhant is an excellent dentist. He has a very calm and comforting demeanour. He will listen to your problem and provide a suitable & wallet-friendly solution. He is our family dentist. I got my Root canal treatment and fillings done. The treatment was completely pain-free and I felt very relaxed during the treatment. Would definitely recommend Dr Siddhant and Advanced Dental Clinic.